The first half of 2017 has taken us through quite a loop, but my little family has grown stronger through it. We started out this year with learning of a pregnancy shortly after my husband left for a 7 month deployment. It was a tough season that distracted me from spending much time online. During this crazy season, I dedicated most my time to my 3 year old and to the lovely ladies I coach in business and in maximizing wellness.

In August my husband and I welcomed our second son, which we are super excited about. This fall I have decided to accept our first regular blog contributor to Warmly Rustic that I am super excited about! My husband and I are also doing some life planning of our own as we embark on a new chapter to our family journey that will have us moving from our current home and embracing new adventures as he takes on a career change. ​There is a lot of excitement right around the corner for us, and I can’t wait to share with you what we decide!

I recently finished compiling the info from all my toxin awareness posts and eClasses into one convenient eBook that I thought you would enjoy! You’re welcome to download it! I’ve also started running a few webinars and am working on some additional courses too that I hope you will love!

Free Download!!!! Identify and remove toxins from your home

My autoimmune symptoms and seizures have not bothered me at all since September of 2013! Nearly a decade of misery and physical incompetence is in the past!! As rough as that season of intense health issues was to push through, the experience provided a foundation for me to become a strong advocate for avoidable toxin awareness and promoting switching to safer household, cleaning, and personal care products.

I’ve taken my healthy lifestyle passion to a whole new level, with opening my schedule to mentor a few new leaders wanting to join in on the movement. It’s all so thrilling and has been so emotionally rewarding!

Now, instead of falling all the time, I’m taking walks, chasing a toddler with a newborn strapped to my chest, making some incredible friendships, enjoying yoga, and feeling beautifully unleashed.

Last fall I made a guest appearance on my essential oils team’s podcast where I discussed my story, which was super heartwarming for me to be asked onto the show. You can listen in on the podcast over at:

What I’m Reading:

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I just finished reading The Great Pain Deception: Faulty Medical Advice Is Making Us Worse, which has me thoroughly intrigued by how the mind plays into illness. I’m looking forward to taking some of the lessons learned and incorporating them into my coaching sessions. What I find most intriguing about this book is diving into reasons why people feel pain without experiencing physical trauma. I’m so curious to see what it says about how bottling up emotional abuse/pain can manifest into physical pain, ​illness, and other issues, even without actively recalling the memories.