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Healthy Shopping

Here is a quick reference to my favorite items to improve your life!

Essential Oils & Supplements

Young Living Essential Oils

What I love:

Young Living is a company with a solid foundation focused on sustainable farming without any toxic or hazardous chemicals, the innate need to fund positive changes throughout the world, and an incredible corporate climate focused on love and purpose. They run a nonprofit organization, Young Living Foundation, that is dedicated to helping natural disasters worldwide, and building up leaders in 3rd world countries. They open their farms, distilleries, and warehouses to their members (farms are open to the public) to see their full transparencies within their Seed To Seal Guarantee that promises the highest quality essential oils and oil infused products.

Skincare & Cosmetics


What I love:

Beautycounter provides high performing, safer cosmetics and skin care without harmful, toxic ingredients. They also use their profits to lobby congress to enact tougher safety laws.

Too many companies are ok poisoning their customers in the name of profits. This company was initiated by a pissed off mom who wanted to see changes in requiring full ingredient disclosure in personal care products, and for the US government to ban the 1400 toxic chemicals that are currently legal to use that are illegal to use overseas. You can see the major one on my Common Personal Care Toxins list.

Healthy Eating

Thrive Market

What I love:

Thrive Market is like an online Costco, but caters only to the organic, GMO-free market. They offer specialized shopping lists that allows you to only have to choose from your eating lifestyle. For example: you can choose only Paleo friendly products, or Gluten-free products, or items ideal for moms, or items ideal for vegans... etc. I love the simplicity of not having to sift through everything to find exactly what I want.

What is even better than customized, simplistic, healthy food shopping? Giving back! For each member, Thrive Market will donate a membership to a low-income family, teacher, veteran, or student through their Thrive Gives initiative!

I absolutely LOVE when corporations take action to help people in the community who legitimately need help!

AquaOx Water Filter System


What I love:

They lead the water filtering industry with superior technology that keeps your whole home safe from water contaminants.

I was shocked to hear AquaOx's founder's story. He is a military veteran who battled and overcame cancer. During his journey, he studied a lot about environmental toxins and their impact on the body and came across research indicating the water vapor we breathe in while cooking, showering, and even washing our hands is 60 times more toxic to our bodies than drinking! This showed an imperative need for a whole home water filtering system that not only filtered out all the bad, but also didn't collect bacteria (as most reverse osmosis systems do).

The AquaOx is a whole home RO system, but it automatically conducts periodic back flushing to prevent bacteria backups in/on the system that can make you sick. It removes chlorine, TTHMs, chloramine, hydrogen sulfide, lead, mercury, TCE, iron, tetrachloroethylene, and VOCs.