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Because you shouldn't have to sacrifice your health and wellbeing because of the products you choose to spend your hard earned money on.

With too many toxic ingredients running rampant through our personal care and cleaning products, we put together a special report you're welcome to download for FREE to help you identify them.

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Essentail Oils

It is no secret, we LOVE essential oils! They are so versatile and belong in just about every wellness routine, and a great option to help you replace toxic cleaners and air fresheners from your home.

PLUS they offer fantastic benefits helping you gain more energy and focus, while also enhancing your relaxation and sleep.

Better Beauty

Little has been done by the government to regulate the beauty industry. Over 1,400 toxic ingredients are LEGALLY rampant throughout beauty products of all price ranges!

We found an incredible company trying to combat that! They actually use their profits to lobby congress to enact strict safety laws and are making some serious waves in the natural health movements!

Healthy Groceries

Food has been a major part in Nicole's recovery. Eating healthy is no secret to embracing wellness. When you treat your body right, your body treats you better.

You'll be able to find plenty of items that are Gluten-Free, Paleo, Vegan... etc.​.. that are sometimes difficult to find locally, depending on where you live. They're always having specials too!

Use our link to receive 15% off!!

Aqua Ox Water Filters

Aqua Ox was started by a US Military Veteran who overcame cancer through natural methods and began a new life journey to provide truly safe water for everyone.

Their whole home water filters are especially amazing with their patented back-flushing to ensure they don't end up with massive bacterial build-up!​ AND they last a long time, often more than 20-years without needing maintenance!