Like many of you, I am a wife and a mom. Like many of you, I didn’t know that when I applied sunscreen, lotion, shampoo and the dozens of other products that I use daily, that I was applying toxic chemicals directly to my skin. I also didn't know some of these chemicals can get absorbed into our bloodstream and can cause a myriad of health issues. I assumed that we live in a country full of corporate safety regulations set by the government, which must mean the products I am using must be safe or they wouldn't be on store shelves. I honestly, never questioned safety at all until a few years ago while researching why I went from being healthy to suddenly wasting most of my 20s in and out of hospitals unable to walk much or stand still. I was so surprised when I finally learned that when it comes to the personal care industry, there are very minimal regulations.

Companies are allowed to use known toxins as ingredients that have been linked to cancer, destroy reproductive health, and disrupt hormones, without even disclosing these ingredients to us! Seems crazy, right? Luckily, there are a few companies working hard to create safe skincare products and to change the industry. I've been spending a ton of time researching them and am excited to share what I’ve learned with you to inspire you to make safer choices!


Yes, you read that right... 1938!!
The last time our government passed any regulation for ingredients used cosmetics was in 1938.


1300 chemicals are banned in Europe, but how many are banned in the US?

In the U.S., more than 85,000 chemicals are registered for use, and 10,500 are used in cosmetics.
Only 10% of these have safety data!


In 2013, Researchers at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health published a study detected lead, cadmium, chromium, aluminum and five other metals in many popular brands of lipsticks and lip glosses commonly found in drugstores and department stores. The study also noted that children are especially susceptible to heavy metal accumulation and should not play with make up. Think of all the young girls that apply make-up daily or even multiple times a day?



Decades of studies indicate that serious health issues (such as asthma, autoimmune diseases, learning disabilities, cancer, infertility, and so much more) are on the rise, and due in some part to our ongoing toxic chemical exposure. Some of these chemicals are fully within our control to avoid! You can choose what you use while in the shower, which makeup and skincare to put on your skin, while eating lunch at a local restaurant, or when we clean our kitchens at home.

What's worse is the Food and Drug Administration (the agency that regulates cosmetics) allows companies to use chemicals known to be extremely harmful (like lead, formaldehyde, parabens, and phthalates) in the products we put on our bodies and on our kids every single day, day after day.


This is why I started reading labels and researching ingredients, and I encourage you to do the same. This is why we switched to using safer products, and I encourage you to as well. A great place to start is: EWG's Skin Deep database, where you can look up the products you have in your home and see how harmful they are to your body. Then, make a change. This is why I have teamed up with Beautycounter.

Beautycounter banned more than 1,500 ingredients, setting a new health and safety standard. They did this all while ensuring their products perform, and that they perform as well as any luxe shampoo, lipstick or oil in the market. I didn’t only fall in love with Beautycounter because their products are safe and high performing, but I wanted to be a part of a company that is working towards real change.

Beautycounter is dedicated to making changes on the legislative level and creating a safe skin care movement. They are taking action in Washington and working to reform the current laws, in hopes that other skin care companies will follow their strict safety guidelines. They also work very closely to support 3 non-profit organizations that are doing great work to reduce our amount of chemical exposure. Watch this short video to learn why I am so proud to be a part of this company.

Beauty Counter really has done their research, making the task of avoiding toxic ingredients easier for you! They created a "NEVER LIST" which they promise to never use 1,500 toxic ingredients, with a mission "to get safe products into the hands of everyone." This is a company comprised of humanists. They care about the well-being of their customers and the Earth as they continue to challenge themselves to source their products from sustainable sources.

Is your makeup toxic? | Warmly Rustic

Beautycounter's Products

Beautycounter is dedicated to product performance, as much as product safety. Just check out THESE application videos to see how well this makeup works!

Some natural cosmetic brands use only 100% organic ingredients. While fully organic is as pure as makeup can get, the performance often doesn't compare to the options sold in department stores or drugstores. While Beautycounter uses both synthetic and organic ingredients, they never compromise on the safety of the ingredients. Beautycounter has developed a groundbreaking and rigorous ingredient screening process, looking for data on skin irritation, carcinogenicity, reproductive toxicity, cumulative exposure (are we exposed to this chemical from other sources) and more. Every single Beautycounter product is rated between 0-2 on EWG’s Skindeep database, which is my go-to resource for researching product safety! Having sensitive skin, I was pleasantly surprised about how well my skin has done while using their make up and skin care products.

These products work extremely well and are comparable to the luxurious brands I used to purchase at department stores. Except, they are made without all the harsh chemicals. My skin has honestly never looked better!

We use Beautycounter’s children’s and adult shampoos, shaving cream, face wash, moisturizer, face oils and make-up. I haven’t tried a Beautycounter product that I didn’t absolutely love!

BC Makeup

A few of my favorite Beautycounter products:


Made with non-nano zinc oxide, lightweight, water-resistant sunscreen. It comes in a convenient stick, which is perfect for families on the go and won't melt in your purse or car!

Dew Skin Tint Moisturizer

This is by far the best foundation I've ever used. It is full coverage and lasts all day, but leaves your skin hydrated and able to breathe. I often forget I have any make-up on! (Plus the SPF 20 helps too)

Peppermint Lip Balm

It's refreshing peppermint and rosemary oils cools and soothes chapped lips. This is often a special treat for me after a long day!

Charcoal Soap

Who would have thought to put charcoal on your face?? THIS IS AWESOME! I use it all the time to purify our skin after mosquitoes bite, and for acne prone areas.

3 Ways to join Beautycounter

1. Shop as a customer

Become a customer and start swapping out your cosmetic and skincare products to safe, non-toxic versions from Beautycounter.

2. Shop as a Band of Beauty Member

Your $25 Annual Membership Includes:

  • $10 allocation to one of our three Trusted Non-Profits (Environmental Working Group, Healthy Child Healthy World, or Breast Cancer Fund)
  • Receive free shipping on all orders of $100 or more
  • Earn a $25 product credit for every $300 spent
  • Save 25% on some of our best selling products

3. Become a consultant and become part of our mission

Perks of being a consultant:

  • Join as a consultant and save 25% off your own orders and take advantage of the opportunity to earn some additional income by educating others about the skin care industry and how to make safer choices.
  • Some consultants earn a full time income, while others do it on the side to share their passions and supplement their regular income. It is very flexible and can be whatever you want it to be!
  • We are a direct retail company (not an MLM), we do not require that you spend a minimum amount on products every month. We have a low start-up fee of $85 (which you will earn right back!).
  • This is the right time to join Beautycounter! We are growing fast - we grew 350% last year! Most consultants are the first in their area and are able to build their business and spread the word quickly!

We offer tons of support on our team and we will coach you in how to educated others and run a successful business!

To become a consultant:

  • Click the link below, and then click the option "Join as a Consultant."
  • Enter your email and other required info to create your account. It will say Choose a Mentor and give you an option for the default, which is “BeautyCounter HQ.” Under that, click Select a Different Mentor and put in Nicole Graber in the first and last name section. This way I can share our fantastic team resources with you!
  • Add your Enrollment Kit into your cart – this is the package they require you to purchase if you want to be a consultant.
  • You can optionally add one of the special Enrollment product packages to your shopping cart for a discounted option.
  • Finish the enrollment page and place your order.

As many of you know, I am very passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle void of toxins, and inspiring others to do the same. After overhauling our food choices, the natural next step for me was to start cleaning up other aspects of my life – cleaning supplies and skin care came next. With my passion to continue to THRIVE after overcoming debilitating health issues, I dove in headfirst.

I am thrilled to have discovered a brand that I love, trust and can really get behind!!! And I would love to take the time to help you overcome toxin exposure in your life too!

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