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Guest Post by Nicole Gardiner

Procrastination has existed in or psyche since the dawn of age and humanity, but it looks like people have been speaking more and more about it nowadays. What could be the reason for this sudden open acknowledgement of its existence? Is it because we are constantly being buried under a myriad of daily tasks and paperwork? Could the very reason behind avoiding doing the cleaning, for example, be the fact that we have no time to actually relax? These are questions that may remain unanswered for years to come, but deep down we all know that procrastination is something that is intrinsic to each and every person. However, the extent to which it can manifest depends on other personality traits the person has. Admitting you have a problem with procrastinating is the first step to solving your constant need to hit snooze on your Cleaning reminder. The second step is taking matters in your own hands.

2-Minute Rule

It’s not an exaggeration to say that this rule is essential to life itself – it is extremely flexible since it can be applied to absolutely every situation you could find yourself in. Say you want to get in the habit of reading more often and for once complete your Goodreads annual reading challenge – congratulations for your bravery! What you need to do is start from the very beginning. Read the first page of your new book and in 120 seconds you’ll be surprised to find yourself already on the second page. You will get sucked in this new activity, you won’t be able to stop and (hopefully) after a while you’ll fulfill your goals.

Just Clean It

The same applies to cleaning. If you have spent the last two days postponing a long-overdue vacuum cleaning of your house, just begin with the smallest room you have. This could be the hallway or your closet. After being done with vacuuming it under two minutes you might as well just continue with the rest of the rooms. The important thing is getting started. Luckily, your brain still obeys almost every order it has been given without objecting too much. Once you force ourself to just begin from somewhere, your mind commits to it and follows suit. With time, you’ll be able to achieve better results and get into the cleaning mood even faster. Trust me, it’s equally as easy both said and done.

External Motivation

Let’s all agree on this one – nothing motivates us to start moving in a certain direction, like the due date. Fueled by fear, one can achieve unimaginable accomplishments and feats of strength. If you know someone is coming to visit you and will most definitely see the absolute filth you live in, you’re more likely to entertain the idea of cleaning. So go for it and begin from the easies task – your bed and your desk. These are the first things any new comer will notice and this is why, in oder to appear more organized and like you have your life under control, you should start with them. Continue with your floor space and vacuuming it. Don’t succumb to the temptation to just stuff everything in your closet and close tightly the door – this won’t do you an good and your future self will most likely hate you big time. Be your best friend and keep going once you’ve started!

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Nicole Gardiner owns a small cleaning company based in London, UK. In her free time she enjoys writing about cleaning, organizing and eco.

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