I would like to take a quick moment to highlight one of my favorite nonprofit organizations and talk a little about what they do to make their communities a better place.


Introducing Warrior Chef

Warrior Chef is run solely by a combat-wounded Army veteran with PTSD who found culinary arts and gardening to be incredibly therapeutic, and is using his passions in the kitchen to help other veterans overcome their own challenges. ​I absolutely love their mission, providing healing through creating wholesome, healthy foods.

I do personally know the family that operates Warrior Chef, and love everything they are doing. I can honestly say 100% of the proceeds to Warrior Chef go to helping veterans in need. In fact, they are still pending their 501.3C status because the funds raised to pay for it ended up repurposed to help a veteran ​in need, so they could definitely use some help with fundraising and reach their goals.

Please c​heck out their website and mission, enjoy some of their recipes, and know any donations would be greatly appreciated!