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It's that time of year where shoppers run rampant throughout our shopping centers and online. In our family, one of the most asked questions I never have an answer for is "what do you want for [insert special occasion here]?"

Whether it be for birthdays, anniversaries, or Christmas, buying something for someone who really doesn't need anything can be difficult. This year, I've apparently challenged my family by saying "something I can use for my business or something to use my oils with." This made me laugh a little because I don't fully know what I meant either, thus inspiring some critical thinking resulting in a gift guide for people who love essential oils . Most of the gifts I'm listing can be found on Amazon, which is perfect for having items gift wrapped for you and fast shipping (a must with the holidays quickly approaching). A bonus: it doesn't matter which brand of oil you or your loved one uses, all of these ideas are viable options!!



Diffusers. Can we honestly really ever have enough? One for each room, one for the office, one for the car, one to travel with in hotels or while visiting family. Diffusers make our world go round!

The VicTsing® Electric Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser has a classy wood grain to it and doubles as a humidifier.

I love how the changing colors rotate, and it does a great job diffusing too.

I absolutely love this SpaMister diffuser! 

We bought one for my mother-in-law as a birthday present and loved it so much my husband bought one for my home office too.

It looks like a gorgeous vase, with a wooden base, and offers lovely ambient lighting (perfect night light). 

The car diffuser is one of the most talked about diffusers in my oil groups.

I bought two car diffusers for my brother and sister-in-law last year for Christmas and they LOVED them!​

If the oil-lover you're shopping for uses Young Living's home or dewdrop diffuser, this diffuser case is adorable! Perfect for those who move or travel a lot!

I LOVE how it even has little pockets to bring some of your favorite essential oils too. 

This is so perfect for people who don't want to have multiple bags to worry about. Just one case for your most used oils and your diffuser.​

Diffuser Jewelry

If you haven't heard about Diffusing Mamas, you're seriously missing out!!!

Their quality and designs are simply incredible!

Stainless steel necklaces, with a chain, that open like lockets. Inside there is a felt pad where you drop oils on and are able to enjoy the aroma "diffusing" from your necklace all day long!

(I've had most oils dripped on diffuser necklaces last a 3-4 days)​

Oil Storage

This is a MUST for anyone with a growing oil collection. A nice display for the wall, a neat way to display them on a dresser, and an easy way to bring them along while traveling. Having a way to store or organize oils makes life so much easier!!

One of the best ideas I've found for essential oil storage is using nail polish storage containers or shelves. They are the perfect size!!​

Caboodles make traveling easy, and let's be honest, after 6 hours in the car with my toddler to visit the in-laws, NOTHING is more grounding and soothing than lifting the lid of my Caboodles oils travel case and taking a big whiff!

I love that the bottom separator is removable. We removed mine and were able to fit more than twice the amount of oils in it!​ 15ml bottles on the bottom, and 5ml bottles on the top. Perfect!!

Tree wall mount - it's a stunning statement piece. I don't have one yet (hint, hint, Hubby), but I do have to admit to spending way too much time stalking it online and daydreaming about which wall it would look the best on.

They make one with 6-tiers too, and I've found them in multiple colors. Everyone I know that has one absolutely LOVES them!​

Heart and scroll wall mount - because sometimes beauty is simple.

Or a little rack to keep on a dresser, counter, or desk.

Essential Oil Keychain. Practical, fun, and enough to keep a small selection with you everywhere you go!


Glass roller bottles wih metal rollers are a must, especially for use with citrus and frankincense oils that can break down plastic roller tops. Having a roller bottle is especially useful for oil use on the go or for oils you use frequently.

Glass spray bottles are a must-have for everything from camping/outdoor spray to linen spray.

When I give these out, I love pairing with with some homemade recipe cards. ​


Because people who love essential oils also love learning more about them!

Healing is Voltage is a book I hear nothing but good things about. It's at the top of my wish list.

Richard Gerber writes a few books about vibrational medicine that are highly recommended by some of the practitioners on our team.

And who couldn't use some emotional/spiritual help? Learning how these oils can help us maximize our mental health and grow in our spirituality is nothing short of inspiring!

Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils is also on my wish list. I hear nothing but eye-opening good reviews about it from my team members who have it.

Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit: Restoring Emotional and Mental Balance with Essential Oils is also highly recommended.

DIY gift ideas

I'm going out on a limb and lumping all of us in together. Most people who enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils are the types who enjoy ditching the toxins and LOVE receiving homemade items. I like giving items that are easy on the pocket, enjoyable to make, adaptable (different scents for different people), and always are enjoyable to receive.

Organic Beauty Recipes With Essential Oils is a fun, easy to read book full of a wide variety of skin care recipes you can make or give the book to someone who enjoys making their own products too. This is one of my favorites (I like it more than Pinterest!).

Homemade body butter is always a big hit for me to give away. Even my husband enjoys using the body butter I make. It offers some intense moisture to your skin, which is especially nice for dry winter skin.

Homemade sugar scrubs are another cheap item you can make that is widely popular to use as gifts. The ladies in my family were all so excited to receive them last year and asked for more this year because they ran out.

Other gift ideas

It's not oily, but I have yet to meet anyone who loves natural health and essential oils who doesn't like Hymalayan Salt Lamps. We have one in every room. The ambient light they put off is relaxing and makes the perfect night light!

Wool dryer balls are a practical idea. I add a few drops of essential oils to mine to give our laundry a more pleasant scent.

We especially enjoy pairing the dryer balls with a lovely bottle of essential oil, usually lavender or Purification.​

What are some of your favorite gifts to use essential oils with??

Are there any on this list you would be especially excited to receive?

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