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How To Begin A Healthy Lifestyle

Nicole/ August 22, 2016/ Healthy Living, NonToxic

Our world is full of toxins. Toxic chemicals can be found in our environment, with little we can do about it. Toxins can be found in our homes. Toxins can be found in our food. Toxins are found just about everywhere. So what’s the point? Why avoid them? I get it. We’re all surrounded by toxic particles that we can’t

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Does Your HVAC Need More Freon?

Nicole/ December 3, 2015/ Family, Healthy Living, NonToxic

Freon, otherwise known chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, these chemicals are controlled substances, which means they must be properly disposed. If you have central AC/heat, chances are it is a closed system unit. It does not consume any coolant in order to function. Contrary to what many people think, it should never need to be refilled

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Remove Toxins from Your Perfume or Cologne

Nicole/ November 28, 2015/ Beauty, Healthy Living, NonToxic

Perfume and cologne are everywhere. From sprays to lotions to cosmetics to roll on bottles, everything in the personal care market seems to have fragrance. And why not? Everyone loves to smell good and use products that smell good (at least everyone who I’ve ever met). But what exactly is in that fragrant “smell-good?” What exactly is a fragrance? That

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Remove Toxins From Your Makeup & Skin Care

Nicole/ November 26, 2015/ Beauty, Healthy Living, NonToxic

Makeup. Face wash. Soap. Lotion. Exfoliators. Makeup remover. Acne treatments. Sunscreen. Moisturizer. Serums.   What do they all have in common? Extremely loose regulations with little government oversight that allow companies to use many toxic ingredients and ingredients without safety data while manufacturing your makeup and skin care.   Federal law regulating the cosmetic industry spans a whole 1.5 pages.

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Remove Toxins From Your Bathroom

Nicole/ November 25, 2015/ Healthy Living, NonToxic

Your bathroom. You stress over it being clean, but have you spent much time looking through the products you use? Is Your Cleaning Really Cleaning? Most everything for me to write about cleaning was already discussed in my post, Removing Toxins From Your Kitchen. I use Thieves cleaner (a plant-based toxin-free cleaner powered by essential oils), vinegar, and baking soda

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Is Your Laundry Toxic?

Nicole/ November 24, 2015/ Healthy Living, NonToxic

Our laundry. Washing it should make us feel clean and fresh to start a new day or bring about happiness when we snuggle up in some fresh linens while reading a good book or watching a movie. That warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from donning clean clothes and linens should not be a mind trick. We shouldn’t have to

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Remove Toxins From Your Kitchen

Nicole/ November 23, 2015/ Healthy Living, NonToxic

In my last post I wrote a brief introduction about toxins in the home. Unless you have begun learning how to navigate ingredients lists (and the lack thereof), chances are there are toxins in your home that are preventing you from maximizing your wellness. Through this series, I’m hoping to make the process of identifying potential products in your kitchen

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