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Is Your Anger Out of Control? Overcome It With This Tip!

Do you sometimes feel so enraged with anger you literally can’t see straight?What makes you so mad that you can’t control yourself?Have you ever thought maybe your anger may have more to do with you than to what you’re mad at? ​A Lesson About AngerOne day the Buddha was walking through a village. A very angry […]


Overcome Overwhelm

Feeling overwhelmed is not an easy state of mind to be in. Thankfully, with the right mindset and determination, you can overcome overwhelm.Your heart rate increases. Your stress never seems to dwindle. You feel paralyzed without any choice or ability to drag yourself out.I’ve definitely had my share of life lived in complete overwhelm. I’ve […]


Ways to Help Your Mind Slow Down

What do you do when your mind just won’t stop?It’s that moment again… at the most inopportune time your mind decides to race, keeping you awake, preventing you from focusing, or completely distracting you from your mountain of “to-do list” entries. You just want to get enough done today to feel productive and accomplished, and […]


Control Toilet Smells

Bathroom adventures can be quite embarrassing, especially when you’re not the only one home. Knock out the embarrassment by controlling toilet smells. In my last post about surviving your in-laws, I mentioned needing to diffuse some Purification essential oil blend to keep from routinely walking through a brick wall of stench brought to us by […]


Secrets For Surviving Your In-Laws

Although not everyone has tough to handle in-laws, there is always that one in every family who has a knack for getting under your skin and on your nerves. And then it happens. You get that call. They are coming, or you are going. For better or worse, it’s that time again to plaster a […]


What Millennials Can Do In An Unfair World

Its 2016 and times are changing. Quickly. So fast, in fact, that we have 2 generations worth of new adults, soon to be adults, and children world-wide who live in extreme uncertainty. There is no doubt millennials have been handed the short stick. The UK has announced their intent to withdraw from the EU. The […]


How Personal Development Helped My Self-Esteem and Confidence

After spending all week writing about how you can boost your self-esteem and the 10 steps to embarking on a personal development journey, I started thinking about my own experiences. So today, I thought I’d share with you how personal development helped my self-esteem and confidence. On a personal level, my personal growth skyrocketed when […]


10 steps to begin your personal development journey

Have you ever spent hours talking with a psychologist or psychiatrist about how you beat yourself up in your thoughts? They hand you a sheet of affirmations to repeat every day. “I love myself. I’m beautiful. I’m worth it. I deserve to be happy.” It’s supposed to work, yet each session you find yourself awkwardly […]


How To Develop Confidence and Self Esteem

  Confidence and Self-Esteem are often assumed to be synonymous, but are not the same. Have you ever met someone dripping with confidence, just to be perplexed when you find out further in the friendship how much they truly criticize or undervalue him/herself on the inside compared to what you see? Remember the old adage, […]


How Chronic Illness Turned Me Into An Introvert

Chronic illnesses affect us in more ways than one. It’s not just your nervous system. It’s not just your cardiovascular system. It’s not just your muscles or digestive tract. Chronic illness affects your mind. It damages how you view yourself. It damages how you relate to others. It causes angst just being in public, especially […]

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