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Help Your Child Focus, Naturally (Works for Adults Too)

Nicole/ September 29, 2017/ Family, Healthy Living, Life

Guest post by Amber from Amber’s Intuition Focus. It’s not something anyone with a willful child is used to seeing. I’ve noticed when my ASD son is focused, you know its something he thoroughly enjoys as he loses himself for hours in his favorite tasks… nothing else matters. Breaking that concentration is impossible. If there is something he doesn’t have

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Supporting Your Child’s Sleep

Nicole/ September 20, 2017/ Healthy Living

** A guest post by Amber from Amber’s Intuition Do children ever stop? I mean… that time of night… every night… it starts. Finish dinner… relax as a family… brush teeth… potty… pajamas… and BAM “I don’t have to go sleep in my bed!!!” between sobs and massive tears streaming. Bedtime routine never seems to fail… one or all of

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How Not To Procrastinate Your Home Cleaning Chores

Nicole/ September 5, 2017/ Healthy Living

Guest Post by Nicole Gardiner Procrastination has existed in or psyche since the dawn of age and humanity, but it looks like people have been speaking more and more about it nowadays. What could be the reason for this sudden open acknowledgement of its existence? Is it because we are constantly being buried under a myriad of daily tasks and

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I Lost My Mind Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Nicole/ April 7, 2017/ Healthy Living

3 years ago I dove into the Paleo diet, after 8 long years of failing health, including autoimmune and neurological nightmares. Contrary to conventional wisdom provided to me by family and doctors, my dietary changes and reintroduction of yoga practices nearly wiped out my health issues. From there, I started using essential oils regularly (every day) as a part of

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How To Begin A Healthy Lifestyle

Nicole/ August 22, 2016/ Healthy Living, NonToxic

Our world is full of toxins. Toxic chemicals can be found in our environment, with little we can do about it. Toxins can be found in our homes. Toxins can be found in our food. Toxins are found just about everywhere. So what’s the point? Why avoid them? I get it. We’re all surrounded by toxic particles that we can’t

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Control Toilet Smells

Nicole/ August 1, 2016/ Essential Oils, Healthy Living, Life

Bathroom adventures can be quite embarrassing, especially when you’re not the only one home. Knock out the embarrassment by controlling toilet smells. In my last post about surviving your in-laws, I mentioned needing to diffuse some Purification essential oil blend to keep from routinely walking through a brick wall of stench brought to us by entertaining 97 year olds hopped

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Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Nicole/ April 25, 2016/ Beauty, Family, Healthy Living, Holiday

Mothers. They do so much for their families, yet can be so difficult to shop for. While they treasure the gifts of their children and partners, many items end up collecting dust on a shelf or cause overwhelming emotions that conflict on what to keep when the time comes to downsize. So, we decided to put together some great Mother’s

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Remove Skincare Toxins!

Nicole/ March 8, 2016/ Beauty, Family, Healthy Living, Life

Toxic ingredients are in skincare, hair care, fragrance, and cosmetic products in every store. Our voice is so important and today we ask for you to use it to ask for change. We ask for your help to enact change to remove skincare toxins. In honor of Beautycounter’s 3rd birthday, we ask for your help today: Please take 3 minutes

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Genetics. Do We Have A Choice??

Nicole/ January 20, 2016/ Healthy Living, Life

Thinking back to high school biology and long conversations with my parents (a physicians assistant and a nurse), it was common knowledge that genetics are everything. They choose what color eyes and hair you have. They choose the shade of your skin. They choose your height and weight. They choose what ailments you’re predisposed to. There are even arguments that

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