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What Is Oil Pulling? Should You Be Doing It?

Nicole/ December 6, 2017/ Essential Oils, Health, Healthy Living

Oil pulling… what is it?? Oil pulling is where you swish 1 tsp to 1 Tbsp of any seed-based oil in your mouth for 10-20 minutes. Oil Pulling History Oil pulling has been around for a very long time (at least 3,000 years), though recently has become more and more popular. It was originally used as an ancient Ayurveda gargling

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There Is Always Purpose To Your Pain

Nicole/ January 23, 2017/ Health, Personal Growth, Veterans

Pain. We can’t always explain why our bodies, hearts, or minds hurt. Sometimes we can’t control the hurt… even when that hurt becomes debilitating. And there are legitimate circumstances where there seems to be no end to it. There are legitimate reasons that you can’t control. You know that feeling where your body won’t cooperate. That debilitating feeling where you

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How Chronic Illness Turned Me Into An Introvert

Nicole/ March 17, 2016/ Business, Health, Life

Chronic illnesses affect us in more ways than one. It’s not just your nervous system. It’s not just your cardiovascular system. It’s not just your muscles or digestive tract. Chronic illness affects your mind. It damages how you view yourself. It damages how you relate to others. It causes angst just being in public, especially crowds. With our recent move,

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“But You Don’t LOOK Sick”

Nicole/ January 7, 2016/ Health, Life, Veterans

If there was one phrase that I most often heard during my twenties, it would be: “but you don’t look sick.” To anyone with unexplained, undiagnosed, autoimmune or “hidden” health problems, this phrase is in and of itself cringe-worthy. No, I didn’t look sick. Not until my face went pale while my eyes rolled in the back of my head

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Support Healthy Emotions During The Holidays

Nicole/ December 19, 2015/ Emotions, Essential Oils, Family, Health, Holiday

The holiday season is a magical time full of fantasy movies, decorated houses and trees, lit menorahs, music, dancing, delicious holiday foods, celebrations, and gifts. With so much going on, it’s no wonder that the holiday season inspires strong emotions. Sometimes they are positive, full of love and happiness. Sometimes they are not so positive. Sometimes the family dynamic shifts,

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Safe Nontoxic Cleaner 

Nicole/ December 6, 2015/ Health, Healthy Living, Life

Grease, grime, dirt, muck. If there is one thing we all have in common, it’s the need to clean the spaces we live, work, and play in. There is a mystery, though, of what ingredients are actually used to make our cleaning solvents. Some of these ingredients are caustic. Some are carcinogenic. Some are neurotoxic. Most are unidentifiable because companies

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Doctored Documentary – The Forgotten History of the Medical Community

Nicole/ April 30, 2015/ Family, Health, Healthy Living

I write a lot about health related topics because that’s often what is on my mind, and I love sharing info. I’m convinced as long as the information I have is shared and helps someone, then it’s not useless. Recently my family gave up cable, and in a compromise purchased Amazon’s Fire TV. While flipping around on there, I noticed a

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