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Moving? There’s an oil for that!

By Nicole / April 16, 2015

Moving. You would think someone who has spent most her life moving would have a system to help keep things organized and keep the stress minimal… Then, I moved with a baby and all bets were off (and feels like time has stopped over the past month). This move was my first as a military spouse […]


Stuck In The Suck?? Find Yourself

By Nicole / February 25, 2015

What do you do when life has you down so far that all you can see are your failures among the success of everyone else you know? That, my friends, is the million dollar question for so many of us. Sometimes you end up stuck so far in the suck that you don’t know where to begin […]


Which is better, Young Living or doTERRA?

By Nicole / January 29, 2015

The more I write and the more you get to know me, the more you will realize I am mildly addicted to information, and sharing my research. This time I dove into researching two popular essential oils brands, and decided to share my journey and findings with you all. Yes, I do have personal experience […]


Service Dogs

By Nicole / January 20, 2015

Last month, I cried. A lot. My family mourned the passing of one of the great. She was my “untrainable” hound, who after three months not only picked up on our training, but notified me of various medical issues, helped me through my symptoms, and continued to excel in becoming a service dog. She made training a […]


Lets Talk Emotions!

By Nicole / December 9, 2014

Emotions.Everyone has them.Everyone responds to them differently. Sometimes they can be joyful. Other times they can be overwhelming.Emotions on the brainDo you remember learning about the limbic center of the brain? The amygdala? The hippocampus? Its a part of the brain where we store memories and emotions. I was really excited recently when I read […]


What Is Network Marketing?

By Nicole / November 17, 2014

What is network marketing? Network Marketing is just as it sounds: a marketing program employed by a business to increase product sales, that uses word of mouth recommendations instead of alternatives such as TV commercials, direct mailing or emailing programs, internet ads… etc. Network marketing is essentially a method used to market a company’s goods and/or […]


Now What? Keep Moving Forward

By Nicole / November 14, 2014

Everyday we wake up to a new day. Sometimes our days are so similar they seem to melt together in our memories, making us feel stuck in monotony. I know this feeling all to well. After separating from the Navy in 2008, I spent several years applying for jobs and being turned down for being […]

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