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Too Much Halloween Candy??

Nicole/ November 2, 2015/ Family, Healthy Living

It’s that time of year again. The Halloween rush has ended. The parties have stopped. And the pile of sugar earned from a hard night’s work of Trick or Treating never seems to end. What is one to do with all that left over candy??? I definitely don’t recommend eating a little at a time throughout the year. That’s a

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Doctored Documentary – The Forgotten History of the Medical Community

Nicole/ April 30, 2015/ Family, Health, Healthy Living

I write a lot about health related topics because that’s often what is on my mind, and I love sharing info. I’m convinced as long as the information I have is shared and helps someone, then it’s not useless. Recently my family gave up cable, and in a compromise purchased Amazon’s Fire TV. While flipping around on there, I noticed a

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A Letter To My Younger Self (or My Sisters)

Nicole/ April 23, 2015/ Family, Life

I would have a lot to say if I were able to send a letter to my younger self living 10 years ago. It’s a message that’s been on my heart a lot lately as I see my sisters approaching where I was 10 years ago. I really am hoping it will help someone somewhere. It might be a bit harsh and

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Moving? There’s an oil for that!

Nicole/ April 16, 2015/ Essential Oils, Family, Healthy Living

Moving. You would think someone who has spent most her life moving would have a system to help keep things organized and keep the stress minimal… Then, I moved with a baby and all bets were off (and feels like time has stopped over the past month). This move was my first as a military spouse and mom. Thankfully, military moves

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Stuck In The Suck?? Find Yourself

Nicole/ February 25, 2015/ Emotions, Family, Life

What do you do when life has you down so far that all you can see are your failures among the success of everyone else you know? That, my friends, is the million dollar question for so many of us. Sometimes you end up stuck so far in the suck that you don’t know where to begin to find yourself. Many people

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Lets Talk Emotions!

Nicole/ December 9, 2014/ Essential Oils, Family

Emotions. Everyone has them. Everyone responds to them differently. Sometimes they can be joyful. Other times they can be overwhelming. Emotions on the brain Do you remember learning about the limbic center of the brain? The amygdala? The hippocampus? Its a part of the brain where we store memories and emotions. I was really excited recently when I read about

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What Is Network Marketing?

Nicole/ November 17, 2014/ Family

What is network marketing? Network Marketing is just as it sounds: a marketing program employed by a business to increase product sales, that uses word of mouth recommendations instead of alternatives such as TV commercials, direct mailing or emailing programs, internet ads… etc. Network marketing is essentially a method used to market a company’s goods and/or services by compensating people for

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