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Supporting Strong-Willed Child Emotions

Nicole/ October 6, 2017/ Family, Life

Do you have strong-willed child emotions running rampant in your home? The thought is often enough to make any mother cringe. I don’t know how your family is, but my boy is fantastic at displaying his wide array of intense emotions in what may often seems to be the most lawless way possible. Fear Nervousness Anger Love In my home, I

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Help Your Child Focus, Naturally (Works for Adults Too)

Nicole/ September 29, 2017/ Family, Healthy Living, Life

Guest post by Amber from Amber’s Intuition Focus. It’s not something anyone with a willful child is used to seeing. I’ve noticed when my ASD son is focused, you know its something he thoroughly enjoys as he loses himself for hours in his favorite tasks… nothing else matters. Breaking that concentration is impossible. If there is something he doesn’t have

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Is It Selfish To Focus On Yourself?

Nicole/ July 31, 2017/ Business, Family, Life, Personal Growth

You hear it all the time… You need to take care of yourself. You’re too burned out and need some YOU time. You can’t forget about YOU BUT… Taking time out for yourself means taking time away from everything else… like your career or your family… do you really have time for that? Realizing that, you feel as though there just

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My Dear Son, Mommy’s Sorry

Nicole/ May 19, 2016/ Family

My dear handsome boy, Mommy’s sorry. I’m sorry for bringing you into a heartless, selfish world. My biggest hope is to teach you love and compassion that will enable you to grow with confidence and value relationships. I’m sorry the boy at the toddler gymnastics class pushed you down for no reason. I’m sorry the kids at the park don’t

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Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Nicole/ April 25, 2016/ Beauty, Family, Healthy Living, Holiday

Mothers. They do so much for their families, yet can be so difficult to shop for. While they treasure the gifts of their children and partners, many items end up collecting dust on a shelf or cause overwhelming emotions that conflict on what to keep when the time comes to downsize. So, we decided to put together some great Mother’s

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Support Healthy Emotions During The Holidays

Nicole/ December 19, 2015/ Emotions, Essential Oils, Family, Health, Holiday

The holiday season is a magical time full of fantasy movies, decorated houses and trees, lit menorahs, music, dancing, delicious holiday foods, celebrations, and gifts. With so much going on, it’s no wonder that the holiday season inspires strong emotions. Sometimes they are positive, full of love and happiness. Sometimes they are not so positive. Sometimes the family dynamic shifts,

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Mommy, Hold My Hand

Nicole/ December 18, 2015/ Family

There are days where I feel like I just can’t get anything done. I feel overwhelmingly lucky on the days I’m able to shower, fix 3 square meals, and wash the dishes. Add in completing laundry, and I’ll feel like we’ve hit the jackpot. This entire month so far has been consumed by a the nagging feeling that I just

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