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Use It Daily Essential Oil Cleaning Products

Nicole/ November 29, 2016/ DIY, Essential Oils, Healthy Living, NonToxic

Essential oils are widely known for their excellent aromas, but this is not the only valuable property of theirs. A great number of experts recommend using essential oils in eco-friendly cleaning alternatives you can do by yourselves at the comfort of your home. When added to a certain home-made cleaning product, essential oils are an excellent helper. They can even

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Control Toilet Smells

Nicole/ August 1, 2016/ Essential Oils, Healthy Living, Life

Bathroom adventures can be quite embarrassing, especially when you’re not the only one home. Knock out the embarrassment by controlling toilet smells. In my last post about surviving your in-laws, I mentioned needing to diffuse some Purification essential oil blend to keep from routinely walking through a brick wall of stench brought to us by entertaining 97 year olds hopped

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Secrets For Surviving Your In-Laws

Nicole/ July 28, 2016/ Essential Oils, Family, Life

Although not everyone has tough to handle in-laws, there is always that one in every family who has a knack for getting under your skin and on your nerves. And then it happens. You get that call. They are coming, or you are going. For better or worse, it’s that time again to plaster a smile on your face and

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Support Healthy Emotions During The Holidays

Nicole/ December 19, 2015/ Emotions, Essential Oils, Family, Health, Holiday

The holiday season is a magical time full of fantasy movies, decorated houses and trees, lit menorahs, music, dancing, delicious holiday foods, celebrations, and gifts. With so much going on, it’s no wonder that the holiday season inspires strong emotions. Sometimes they are positive, full of love and happiness. Sometimes they are not so positive. Sometimes the family dynamic shifts,

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What Is There To Be Thankful For?

Nicole/ November 26, 2015/ Essential Oils, Life

There is so much that I am thankful for every day, and I never miss a chance to voice it. I have a happy, healthy toddler, an amazingly supportive husband, incredible customers, and a thriving business that allows me the privilege to stay home and care for my family. And there’s more… As I sit here, I have my essential

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Essential Oils Are Not Medicine

Nicole/ November 20, 2015/ Essential Oils, Healthy Living

There are claims running rampant throughout social media and he blogosphere about how essential oils have replaced items in people’s medicine cabinets and “cured” them of a variety of ailments. Although you can read about numerous benefits of using essential oils in a variety of personal testimonies, research studies on NIH’s PubMed website, and the CDC’s website that may suggest

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Homemade Body Butter 

Nicole/ November 4, 2015/ DIY, Essential Oils, Family

Today I made some body butter for my dry, cracked hands and feet, and had to take a moment to share with you how I made it. If you have never tried homemade lotions or body butters, you truly are missing out!! I’m one of those people who deals with seriously dry, chapped, and cracked skin during the colder, dry

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Young Living Essential Oils Business FAQ (Answering Reader Questions)

Nicole/ September 10, 2015/ Business, Essential Oils

One of my favorite aspects of writing a blog is to see my statistics page where I am able to see which countries my readers are checking in from and if they search for anything specific. Most of the search terms I’ve touched on already, and makes me excited to see people are actually searching through my content to help answer

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Why I Use Essential Oils

Nicole/ August 13, 2015/ Essential Oils, Healthy Living

Other than smelling amazing, essential oils have many properties that help you feel better without any nasty or toxic chemical additives that potentially could produce annoying or dangerous side effects. Why I use essential oils: I’ve used essential oils for most of my life to help me overcome everything from nausea to headaches and pains to dizziness to helping me

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Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Network Marketing

Nicole/ July 13, 2015/ Business, Essential Oils, Life

There seems to be a network marketing company for just about everything from car engine oil to skin care to cookware, to supplements. Some last decades, others are around for a few years and then disappear, and not all products and brands are created equally (I know this from quite a bit of personal experience). While I have had my ups

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