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Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

By Nicole

Mothers. They do so much for their families, yet can be so difficult to shop for. While they treasure the gifts of their children and partners, many items end up collecting dust on a shelf or cause overwhelming emotions that conflict on what to keep when the time comes to downsize. So, we decided to […]


Remove Toxins from Your Perfume or Cologne

By Nicole

Perfume and cologne are everywhere. From sprays to lotions to cosmetics to roll on bottles, everything in the personal care market seems to have fragrance. And why not? Everyone loves to smell good and use products that smell good (at least everyone who I’ve ever met). But what exactly is in that fragrant “smell-good?”What exactly […]


Remove Toxins From Your Makeup & Skin Care

By Nicole

Makeup. Face wash. Soap. Lotion. Scrubs. Makeup remover. Acne treatments. Sunscreen. Moisturizer. What do they all have in common? Extremely loose regulations with little government oversight that allow companies to use many toxic ingredients and ingredients without safety data while manufacturing your makeup and skin care.Federal law regulating the cosmetic industry spans a whole 1.5 […]


Is Your Home Toxic?

By Nicole

If you purchase your cleaning and personal care products from the local or chain department or drug store and don’t pay attention to the ingredients label and what each item is and what those individual and mixed items can do to your body, chances are, you have a toxic home. Although your body is incredible […]


Gift Guide for People Who Love Essential Oils

By Nicole

It’s that time of year where shoppers run rampant throughout our shopping centers and online. In our family, one of the most asked questions I never have an answer for is “what do you want for [insert special occasion here]?”Whether it be for birthdays, anniversaries, or Christmas, buying something for someone who really doesn’t need […]


Homemade Sugar Scrubs

By Nicole

Last year I decided to dive into a little DIY for the majority of the Christmas gifts we gave to friends and family. After years of research and learning what is in the day-to-day products we use (like lip balm, skin and hair care products, cleaning products, cosmetics… etc), my family has been replacing the […]