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I'm so glad you're here. I'm Nicole, and I truly hope you are enjoying my site! I'm just starting out with publicly writing, and expect a few bumps in the road as I find my "online voice." I really appreciate your support and patience as I venture outside my comfort zone and share part of my life, publicly.

My story starts in Arizona where I was born and spent most of my time growing up. I'm a product of divorce, a domestic abuse survivor, and suicide survivor. Despite growing up with a lot of hardships and inconsistencies, I've managed to learn valuable lessons from it and value my self-worth. I'm stubborn, yet extremely empathetic. I'm addicted to research and that warm and fuzzy feeling after helping someone who genuinely needed a hand (or hug).

I've served my country with unbridled vigor, only to be put to pasture and forgotten after developing health complications. In 2005 while serving overseas in the Middle East, I was struck down with complex-partial seizures, syncope, autoimmune issues, severe muscular weakness, chronic migraines, and severe anxiety. In 2008 I was relieved from my duties and sent to navigate the civilian world with no real transitioning support. I'm among the vastly growing number of veterans who has been unable to adequately navigate the Veterans Administration to receive proper healthcare or much-needed disability benefits. I'm also among the disturbingly high and rising numbers of US military veterans unable to find employment.

So far, I've written a bit about my hardships as a transitioning veteran, and have transitioned more towards embracing every day life, encouragement, and natural living. I want to encourage other people to keep going in the face of adversity. I'm a huge advocate for natural and holistic health after having a depressing nearly 10-year "fight" with decreasing health and quality of life while 20-something doctors were unable to help me. My goal for this blog is to help inspire you to keep pushing through adversity, and to find yourself through healthy living and personal development.

You will likely notice that I write a lot about essential oils too - that is because I'm very passionate about how they've helped me overcome several problems, and I want to help others with the same success. I do work from home, predominantly coaching and teaching others how to switch to healthier living, and a big part of that is embracing a nontoxic lifestyle that features essential oils. I thoroughly LOVE seeing lives change for the better! Each month I'm amazed seeing and hearing my team's and customers' health success stories, how they are helping others acquire better health and wellness, and how they are achieving financial wellness too. 

Disclaimer: I am not a certified health professional... yet... I am, however, constantly engaged in proper research and as soon as the funding is available I will be going through a masters program in holistic health and certification in aromatherapy.

I stay at home with my toddler son and am constantly in awe of him, while hobby writing on this blog and running a home-based business. I'm still working on settling into a schedule, and hope to have more consistency soon. Having a highly mobile little dare devil "helping" definitely challenges me to find consistent writing time!

My family also enjoys the company of our Rottweiler, who is a complete clown and truly an ambassador for his breed, and our Newfoundland puppy. We are in the works as a family to writing a series of children's books about his adventures, as they are just too much fun not to share! You can see more of him on Instagram @warmlyrustic or with the tag #odisfollies.


I hope you enjoy my website and my writing, and are able to learn something from me. If you want to see the latest news with what I'm up to, check out my "What's New" page!


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